Update : May 2018

Chandlers oil buying group - Price Monitoring

In order to keep a check on oil delivery prices, and to give members a chance to see if they are getting good value for money from Chandlers, a selection of quotes and delivery prices are sought from various suppliers by the Rippingale Oil Consortium when eeliveries are made to Rippingale.

Since Chandlers are delivering to a large number of houses in Rippingale they compare against the 1000ltr delivery price for the next working week as many members order 1000ltrs or more, and the 500ltr price would give them no real advantage for the bulk order.

Sadly, in recent months Chandlers have changed the way they compare prices, and have NOT always been the cheapest in the Rippingale comparisons. Although they are usually still competitive at the 500ltr level, if you are ordering 1000+ltrs you are strongly advised to ring around and check prices, and to let Chandlers know if they are not the cheapest.

Update : November 2012

Since our oil group joined the Chandlers bulk order and delivery scheme in March, we have been monitoring comparative prices. Happily we have found an oil group that does a better job and are using their data (thank you Rippingale) to demonstrate how Chandlers are doing. You can see their data as of Oct 2012 on our website by viewing the document listed below this article or view the latest Rippingale data directly at:


If you obtain a quote or a delivery from anyone other than Chandlers, please let Jim Atack (jim.atack@gmail.com) know so that we can keep an eye on the numbers.

Update : May 2012 - Chandlers have supplied us with their latest pricing data over the first 4 months of this year. It's really worth taking a look at these prices and comparing them with whatever you paid for oil over the same period and working out if by joining the village oil buying group you could save some money. Remember that by joining you are not committing to buying oil from Chandlers, but you will be informed of when they are next delivering to the village and at what price so you can decide whether to buy from them or not.

  • Chandlers Pricing April 2012 (PDF, 27 Kb)Chandlers Oil Prices throughout April 2012 based on a 500 litre delivery. The price in the 'Group' column is the price members of the buying group would have paid.
  • Chandlers Pricing March 2012 (PDF, 26 Kb)Chandlers Oil Prices throughout March 2012 based on a 500 litre delivery.The price in the 'Group' column is the price members of the buying group would have paid.
  • Chandlers Pricing Jan-Feb 2012 (PDF, 25 Kb)Chandlers Oil Prices throughout January & February 2012 based on a 500 litre delivery. The price in the 'Group' column is the price members of the buying group would have paid.

What's it all about ?
With the price of oil being high and only going one way, there is a growing trend for communities to negotiate preferred fuel-oil rates by clubbing together and negotiating with a supplier.

The main saving to be made is by scheduling deliveries on the same day for a village community; delivery costs follow the price of diesel. Intermediaries like Boilerjuice capitalise on this by first gaining a number of 'same-day' orders in one place, and then getting a price from a local supplier, which would not be available to the individual. Organisations such as Boilerjuice then take a fee for doing the organising.

We have looked at a few schemes and there are some common themes:




Pros and cons



Boilerjuice et al

Organise, use local suppliers, charge a fee

No co-ordination by village group, not cheapest


Independent Buying groups

Local village organisation

Organise (around a local person), use local suppliers, no fee

Least cost, most work for village working with suppliers and residents


Tied Buying groups

Local Supplier

Organise, supply, no fee

Should match least cost, no co-ordination required by village

Where a local supplier takes over the responsibility for organising and scheduling the minimum number of delivery days, we should get the maximum advantage with the minimum effort. We would, of course, need to keep a check on delivered prices versus the market, and require the supplier to demonstrate that price remains competitive over time.

Any arrangement that we came to would not be exclusive; if a better deal comes along we can either bring it to the original supplier's attention or switch (individually or collectively).

Whilst we have been checking into what is available, local supplier Chandlers approached the Parish Council with a scheme to supply local villages, and tested their ideas on us at a meeting on the 7th March, in the village hall. About a dozen people showed up and about the same number expressed an interest, but couldn't attend.

Chandlers gave some useful background on themselves and their competitors. They are a local company with six depots, and have been trading for many years in the locality.

Over recent months they have been establishing local buying groups of the model proposed to us; they now have 60 such groups. The price advantage (chart here or link)which they are offering amounts to around 5-10% discount on web or 'phone prices and derives mainly from saving delivery costs by organising grouped, same-day' deliveries.

Here's how the Chandlers scheme works:

Residents sign up to be Braunston (and Brooke) group members (by web,email,phone, or post)

There is no obligation to purchase

Chandlers publishes the next two delivery dates for Braunston (by web, email, or postcard)

Members elect to take a delivery on the day and specify volume required(by web, email, phone, post)

Various payment schemes are available (credit card, direct debit, spread payment...)

More information is available from the following links:

Chandlers Braunston Group site: https://groups.chandlersoil.com/braunston-in-rutland

(easiest way to join)

Chandlers website: https://www.wcfchandlers.com/

  • Chandlers Oil Price Comparison (PDF, 279 Kb)Examples of Group Oil buying price v Web or Phone prices over Jan & Feb 2012. You can compare what you paid for your last delivery and see if the group price could save you money.
  • Chandlers Oil Buying Group - Braunston Flyer (PDF, 1021 Kb)Brief details on the Group Oil buying scheme proposed by Chandlers
  • Chandlers Oil Buying Group - Application Form (PDF, 522 Kb)Complete this form and send it off to Chandlers to join the oil buying group. Please note that there is no cost involved and that there is no obligation to purchase any oil.
    You can also join the group by completing the on-line application available at the Chandlers Braunston Group site link above or by phoning them.
  • Full Chandlers Presentation (March 7th) (PDF, 2.7 Mb)pdf version of presentation given by Chandlers to attendees at Braunston Village Hall on March 7th.