Update : May 2018

Chandlers oil buying group - Price Monitoring

In order to keep a check on oil delivery prices, and to give members a chance to see if they are getting good value for money from Chandlers, a selection of quotes and delivery prices are sought from various suppliers by the Rippingale Oil Consortium when deliveries are made to Rippingale.

Since Chandlers are delivering to a large number of houses in Rippingale they compare against the 1000ltr delivery price for the next working week as many members order 1000ltrs or more, and the 500ltr price would give them no real advantage for the bulk order.

Sadly, in recent months Chandlers have changed the way they compare prices, and have NOT always been the cheapest in the Rippingale comparisons. Although they are usually still competitive at the 500ltr level, if you are ordering 1000+ltrs you are strongly advised to ring around and check prices, and to let Chandlers know if they are not the cheapest.