Foot and cycle path to Oakham

Update June 2021

Yet again our safe route to Oakham has been rejected.

An email from Robyn Green, Highways Engineer at RCC, sent on 24/05/21 states the following:

RCC have now completed the initial assessment of ITCP-2017-09 Braunston. Please see the attached document.

In the cabinet report from Tuesday 12th January 2021, the Highways and Transport working Group progress was reviewed. As part of the review it was approved to carry out an initial assessment of schemes before taking them forward to feasibility (if required). Through the initial assessment, works to address concerns would be calssified as one of four catgories; Essential, Necessary, Beneficial and Amenity

If the works are deemed as essential or necessary, the concern will move forward to feasibility, to identify if there is a viable engineering solution to combat the problem.

If the works are defined as beneficial or amenity, the concern won't be considered any further, unless alternative funding sources become available or there is an under spend of funding at the end of the financial year and all essential or necessary works have been completed. At this point, any beneficial or amenity schemes may be considered for use of the under spend.

The 'attached document' is:

Update May 2014 : We learned in late April that our application for a Footpath/Cycleway between Braunston and Oakham has been rejected by RCC on cost grounds.

Introduction :

For some time villagers and the Parish Council have been requesting RCC to create a footpath/cycleway between Braunston and Oakham to provide a safe alternative to the 2 road routes currently available. RCC have now indicated that money is available to create such a path and the PC have produced an outline plan for a proposed path following the route of the main Braunston to Oakham road. Details of the proposed route and progress towards it's implementation are listed in the posts below :

Proposed Cycle Route: Braunston to Oakham

Braunston Parish Council has considered the route for the proposed cycle path and has the following suggestions:

1. The preferred route would track the main carriageway on the East side; we think the West side would give more issues with banks, badgers, drains and the proximity of residences to the main road. A west-side route would also require users to cross over the road at the entry to the village at a hazardous point opposite the Old Plough. We are particularly keen to make this a safe cycle route for unattended children - we are thinking about school runs, reduction of parental traffic, future lack of school buses for over 16's.

2. To enter the cycle path from Braunston would require a widening and extension of the footpath past the Old Plough; this could be accommodated by:

Moving the main carriageway to the left, by two metres (this would also have the benefit of straightening the road and improving visibility toward/from the Church Street junction)

Forming a new and widened path on the right, past the Old Plough, past the cottage, and along the wider verge area up the hill. A small strip of the Plough car park could also be used and the bridge/culvert extended. The opportunity should also be taken to introduce traffic calming measure to reduce the speed of vehicles entering village as per item 11.

3. Take the path up the verge toward the Seek. Possible hard-trimming, or removal and re-establishment of the hedge on the right.

4. Take the path along the existing wide verge next to the road and outside the lay-by

5. Use fill to extend the verge over the marshy area beyond the lay-by, and establish an effective hedge to the East.

6. Pass by the old reservoir, again cropping or re-establishing hedge to the East as necessary.

7. Down the main road, using the verge where possible and cropping, or moving the hedge line where necessary. Try to keep close to the road where possible to take advantage of the slower climb. An option to keep within the existing hedge line would be afforded by extending the carriageway into the wider verge across the road.

8. Clear the entrance point to the Oakham footpath system, and widen.

9. Make easier access to the footpath across to Brooke Road, widen, surface and also form as a cycle way.

10. Preferred surface would be limestone to give a free-draining surface and allow potential for taking horse traffic off the main carriageway between Braunston and the bridle path. This would give better aesthetic view, albeit requiring more maintenance than a tarmac surface.

11. We suggest that we should use the opportunity of cycle path roadworks to introduce traffic calming measures: speed measurement sign; village entry 'gate'; larger, more prominent, village entry signs. A full proposal for such measures is attached.

12. We are most concerned that we should try to avoid areas where the path leads behind hedgerows; small children and others would undoubtedly feel vulnerable if separated too far from the main carriageway, and would not use the path.