Traffic calming update

We have received a traffic calming review from the RCC. The Review addresses the performance of the double chicane on Knossington Rd and our proposal to establish 40mph buffer zones at the edges of the village; it did not address our request for speed cushions on the High St - Knossington Rd throughway, which we will progress when responding to the review.

A speed survey, taken after the 1st chicane was installed, confirmed a marked increase in traffic speed. Surveys taken after the 2nd chicane was installed showed that the speed had reduced slightly in June 2019 and further in November. Based on the November speed survey RCC concludes that the double chicane has been effective in reducing speeds. A further speed survey will be conducted in March 2020.

RCC rejected our proposal for buffer zones after taking advice and reviewing the Highways regulations.

The full RCC report can be viewed in the attached document.

The Parish Council has been plugging the Braunston traffic speed problems for many years; apart from regular speed traps, the installation of the double chicane is the only outcome so far. The Parish Council is not yet persuaded that this has been a success, although the March 2020 speed test may help us form a more positive view. We will continue to lobby RCC for further action; meanwhile, please send any views or suggestions to me.

Posted: Sun, 24 Nov 2019 10:59 by Janet Taylor

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