Water related news

It finally looks like the long, soggy saga of the Church St water main could be coming to a conclusion. Test holes were dug at the end of June for Severn Trent to build up a detailed picture of what lies under the road and, depending slightly on the results they get back, the main work is booked in to start on the week of September 3rd.

Severn Trent intend to do a full job, covering Oakham Road, Church Street, Wood Lane and Brooke Road, so it's going to be a fairly long and disruptive job. Hopefully though it will also sort out the issues once and for all.

Also on the water front, plans are well advanced to repair the Gwash Weir and make a bigger concrete apron downstream to stop washout of the river bed during heavy flow. The vegetation will be cut back on both sides of the weir and the pond above the weir will be dredged out to create a bigger holding pond for firewater. Needless to say, this is not a cheap undertaking; Mick George will be doing the heavy lifting, but volunteers will be needed to help tackle the vegetation. Watch out for your call to duty !

Posted: Sun, 08 Jul 2018 12:23 by Janet Taylor

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