Traffic calming

Traffic speeding through the village is a serious issue, especially along Knossington Road and High Street, and installation of traffic calming measures is an ongoing process. We have had the village speed limit signs and road markings upgraded to the current standard, and a chicane installed at the Knossington end of the village, but other measures are still under consideration.

Here are the full details of proposals, and reports from meetings that have been held.

Footpath to Oakham

For some time villagers and the Parish Council have been requesting RCC to create a footpath/cycleway between Braunston and Oakham to provide a safe alternative to the two road routes currently available. Unfortunately there has been little progress on this as whenever the council has indicated that there is money available, it is always awarded to other villages.

Here are the full details of the campaign.


Braunston used to be the village that BT forgot. Having been excluded from the RCC digital scheme because BT had promised to include us in their own Oakham rollout, we were then left high and dry when BT decided not to connect us. After a long battle we were finally able to receive superfast broadband via the HERBS scheme, a private initiative that provides fast broadband to rural communities. Ironically, the week after HERBS went live, BT connected us to their fibre network. You can now obtain broadband from HERBS, or from most ISPs.

For a very full history of our battle to be connected, here are the full details