On the documents page you can see our stored papers. When the page opens you can see all the documents that we have, or use selection criteria to narrow down your search. The criteria that you can specify are

  • any part of the document title
  • the first letter of the document title
  • the tag ( description ) of what you are looking for from a drop-down list
  • the order in which the found documents will be displayed, either by title, by oldest or newest.

These criteria can be combined so that, for example, if you just want to see minutes from 2015, you can enter '2015' in the first search box, and then select 'Minutes' from the drop down tag selection.

All dates in document titles are in the format 20yy-mm-dd, so to see any documents that relate to, for example, November 2015, put '2015-11' in the search box and leave the tag selection at 'Any'

Agendas and Minutes

We also have shortcuts set up for agendas, and minutes of meetings, or you can view papers associated with specific Council meetings by viewing the Council Meetings Calendar, and selecting the entry for the date in which you are interested.