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Welcome to the Braunston in Rutland parish website. We are a thriving village located just two miles from Oakham in the glorious county of Rutland. This website will tell you all about the Parish Council and what our local issues are, plus a wealth of information about the village in general. If you can't find what you want or would like to recommend any improvements to our website then please contact us.

If you are new to the village you might like to download our 'welcome pack' which is designed to get you familiar with what's going on in the village and has some useful contact details.

Latest News

Lime tree works

Lime tree works

Fri, 28 Apr 2017 09:34 by Janet Taylor

Work has just been carried out on the lime tree on the village green. The crown and side branches have been trimmed by a couple of metres which will reduce the weight and leverage and minimise the risk of limbs falling. This venerable tree was planted as a sapling to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee back in 1897 and with regular maintenance will hopefully continue to stand for a good while yet.

Drainage news

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 12:44 by Janet Taylor

Rutland County Council have been busy recently addressing the various drainage problems in the village. The jetter has cleared the gullies along Church St which were badly blocked with silt, and also the gully opposite the Old Plough which was blocked with willow roots; RCC will monitor this area to check that all the roots have been removed. Other gullies in the village have also been cleared. Hopefully this will improve surface drainage and prevent flooding when it rains heavily.There is a another drain clearance scheduled for July. More »

Thanks to Ruth McNeil at RCC for sorting this for us. » Less

Water update

Wed, 01 Mar 2017 15:33 by Janet Taylor

We are happy to report that some progress has been made with the early-morning low water-pressure problems in the village, which were caused by high morning demand over the hill in Oakham.

Severn Trent monitored this 'shower dip' last year and agreed that we were being affected by the high concurrent demand. So, back in October, it separated us from the Oakham supply and connected us to an alternative water main (and, indeed, discerning residents with well-honed senses may have noticed a change in the flavour of the water following the switchover). The switchover has prevented the shower dip' occurring, but unfortunately hasn't made any inroads into the issue of there only being a modest pressure available in the village throughout the day. To improve this, ST is now planning to upgrade the size of the supply main feeding the village. However, this is quite a big project, and it is having to seek internal approval for cash within the organisation. If all is agreed, the work will probably be undertaken next year. More »

Meanwhile, the ST supply pipe in Church Street has failed twice in recent times, first leaking water through the tarmac and ultimately bursting and cutting off water supply to the village in September last year (though this failure was not quite as spectacular as the Great Fountaining of 2015). More than one cause for the repeated failure has been advanced over the years, with the most recent official line being that it is due to an old drain belonging to Anglian Water washing out the ground below the main and collapsing it. This was supposedly fixed finally in December, but as the recent January spell revealed there is still a problem underground somewhere; both of the recent tarmac patches weeping from their uphill seam and even creating dangerously icy patches in the colder weather. It would seem that the exact cause, and thus the exact solution, remains elusive. Currently we are awaiting a response from Highways regarding this long-standing hazard. » Less